Wedding Trends for 2016

Wedding Trends for 2016 │South Coast Party Hire - SCPH

While some wedding traditions seem eternal and stand the test of time, others are trends that change and evolve every few years. From photography to style of music, colours to invitations and even types of chairs, wedding trends are important to consider when planning for your special day.

Wedding marquee South Coast specialists, South Coast Party Hire has done the research and identified the top wedding trends for 2016.

Deep, dark jewel tones
Pastels are out and deeper more luxurious colours are in. Make sure you consider the venue of your wedding first – this trend may not be suitable for a summer beach wedding. Never choose more than 3 colours – main colour (around 65-70%), secondary colour (around 25%) and an accent colour (around 5-10%).

Stations & cocktail receptions
Formal, sit-down dinners are out of favour, with 2016 Brides and Grooms opting for a more casual affair; think canapés and cocktails, drink stations, food vans and even lawn games such as croquet and oversized chess boards.

Mirrored tables
For more formal receptions, mirror tabletops or in-lays add an element of elegance and when paired with candlelight create an intimate setting.

Live music and a DJ
Why just have one or the other? A top 2016 wedding trend is to mix live, acoustic musicians and music with a DJ. The trend includes having live music for the ceremony and reception up until dinner is complete and then a DJ to continue the party.

Short engagements
Gone are the days of engagements (and wedding planning) that last for years. Short engagements are in style, but with this trend comes the need to organise your wedding vendors and finalise your plans as soon as possible.

Same day edits
In today’s fast moving, social media age, this 2016 trend is hardly surprising. Rather than waiting weeks, or even months, to see video of the ceremony, many Brides and Grooms are requesting same day edits of their video footage in order to both share the highlights with guests are the reception as well as via social media platforms for those unable to attend or not expressly invited. Which leads to the next trend…

Intimate wedding & receptions
There are still weddings where family or culture dictates large numbers in attendance however the general trend is for smaller, more intimate gatherings often further afield than in years gone by.

Spectacular structures
Not just any barn, but those of the blinged up variety. Think amazing lighting, gorgeous flowers and making use of inherently high roof space. South Coast Party Hire can provide all the bling to turn a bare barn into a reception venue of style and pure elegance – lighting, chandeliers, tables, chairs, furniture – all you need.

No barns where you dream of tying the knot? No problem, another top trend for 2016 is beautiful marquees. These are not your school fete type of marquee but gorgeous marquees that can be styled with silk linings, fabulous furniture and chandeliers. They even available with clear roofs so you can eat, dance and be merry under the stars.

Chic chairs
If you opt for a more traditional seating option or sit-down dinner, Tiffany and Bentwood (in white or walnut) chairs are in. If not available from your party hire South Coast supplier, select fabulous chair covers to add a touch of your personal style and taste to your wedding reception.

Other Wedding Trends for 2016
Foil stationery (glitter in the envelopes is definitely over) and mismatched flower holders – the more varied in style and height the better.


For all your wedding ceremony and reception party hire needs that hit all the 2016 wedding trends, contact the team at South Coast Party Hire (SCPH) today. We specialise in wedding marquee hire Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Berry, Nowra, Shoalhaven and the South Coast.